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Established in 1990 by Sammy & Fanny and now cherished by our family, Dutch Eating Place is our homage to traditional Amish home-style cooking. In the heart of Philadelphia, we blend authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine with the warmth of family heritage. Our kitchen echoes with over three decades of culinary tradition, where recipes from our grandmother are lovingly prepared with local ingredients.

Each visit here is more than a meal—it’s an experience steeped in family history and the simple pleasures of homemade food. Join us for a taste of Lancaster County’s spirit, right here in the city.

Tradition in Every Bite

Every dish at Dutch Eating Place is a piece of our family’s legacy. From our famous blueberry pancakes to savory sandwiches, each is crafted with tradition and passion, serving you a slice of our history.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

We believe in the power of fresh, local produce. That’s why our ingredients are sourced from nearby farms, ensuring that every meal we serve supports our community and brings the finest flavors to your plate.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Our doors are open to everyone, and our team is dedicated to making you feel like a regular from your first visit. At Dutch Eating Place, it’s not just about food; it’s about creating lasting memories and a sense of belonging.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"Big portions and such a fun experience. The food was standard but everything was quite tasty. We would recommend if you’re from out of town and visiting. The pancakes were fluffy and we loved the home fries. It was our first time trying the scrapple…it was interesting. Wasn’t bad or great but we do recommend trying if you’re here!"

Jay C.

"The food is delicious! Amazing breakfast and huge portions. The service is excellent, very friendly, kind and fast. They get busy, but orders come out super fast. This place is always packed, and that's a good thing. We enjoyed our delicious breakfast and would totally recommend it if you're in Reading Terminal. "

Yessica M.

"An excellent spot to grab breakfast. Staff is very friendly. The peach pancakes was phenomenal with fresh peaches and a super fluffy pancake. Bacon and eggs were good as well. For the price it cannot be beat. Would also recommend the apple dumpling. Really solid dessert."

Lee L.

A Tradition of Taste Awaits

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